Saturday, January 7, 2012

In which I drastically change my diet

So I've been fighting off sore throats for about two months now and needless to say it is getting old.
I've gone to doctor and they can't seem to figure it out (too much travel, allergies, etc..). I recently had a doctor who, before examining me or taking my medical history, suggested an HIV test. To say I was outraged is an understatement. What type of medical professional casually throws out tests like that without going over a patient's history? She then went on to inquire if I was a drug dealer because of my traveling. Clearly she will be reported, guess that's what you get at a tribal clinic, sadly.
Ok, back to my point.
I think my old food allergies are rearing their ugly head again and so for about two to three weeks I am embarking on a pretty intense elimination diet to try to figure out what's wrong. This means I can't eat:
Wheat, corn, rye, citrus, sugar, additives, dairy, eggs, corn syrup, coffee, tea, alcohol. Honestly, caffeine and citrus are proving to be the most difficult, one day in. Expect updates and wish me luck.