Tuesday, November 29, 2011

A Kiss

You know that moment when you greet someone and you give them the half hug and a kiss on the cheek? I'm not sure about you, but I'm used to starting with a left cheek kiss and than a right cheek kiss. It's just the way it works. Cut to Thanksgiving when I am greeting my sister's husband's parents (that's a mouthful) for the first time in 10 years. Mind you they are from Turkey and speak no english. I stand up to do the little hug/kiss dance and oh dear god, the father and I leaned in the same direction and there was a very near mouth kiss. I die. Never mind the fact that apparently they prefer to do a cheek pressing thing instead of an air kiss and they always start on the right first. So there I am kissing my sorta In-laws on the mouth. SO. AWKWARD....The more you know.

Thursday, November 24, 2011


Thanksgiving was a multicultural affair for my family this year. I flew into NYC two days ago to stay with my sister who is due any minute with my first nephew! In honor of the first baby of the family my mom is in the city for a week and my sister's husband's parents are in from Turkey for several months staying with their other son. We all gathered together to make food and take our traditional walk in the park.

The day was perfect. Almost too warm for a jacket and beautiful fall foliage. We cooked off and on throughout the day and sat down to dinner at 7 (are we the only ones that prefer a late dinner?). The food was AMAZING. We had an amazing combination of Turkish and traditional Thanksgiving food. I'm going to steal some pics from my bro-in-law later and try to post some recipes for the Turkish salads. It was a lovely day filled with miming and gesturing as the parents do not speak a word of English! Luckily we're all open and easy going so the situation is quite entertaining and informative for us all. I learned the Turkish word for aunt is Teyze, which means "half mom". This was so sweet I almost cried, I am beyond thrilled to be an aunt and can't wait to meet my little nephew! I hope everyone had a lovely day full of good company and good food.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Coming out of the fog

Well that was interesting. I'm finally on the other side of one of the worst illnesses and pain I have ever experienced in my life (yes, worse than surgery). After two trips to the Parker Indian Hospital (thank god for my native card), one week and a lot of tears I am on the mend from a horrible bout of strep throat. It's amazing how being sick will make you appreciate your health and your body. I want to cherish my body and nourish it with only the best...we'll see how long that lasts ;)
Cabin fever kicked in yesterday and I was feeling up to a quick adventure so my boyfriend and I rode south along Lake Havasu to explore the Parker Dam. It was a rare overcast day which doesn't make for the best pictures but it felt great to be outside exploring the desert!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Make Up Free

Growing up, my mother never wore make up and so I missed out on the experience of learning to love make up by watching your mother primp. My sister got me started with some cheap make up gifts for a birthday, probably in Junior High. Then I went through an activist hippie stage where I didn't wear any. After that, I went through an unfortunate borderline goth look. In college, and since then, my go-to look is foundation, mascara and sometimes blush. Baring it all here is not so hard for me but that would be another story if I wasn't having a good skin day. I have fairly bad skin so foundation is usually a must. But here you have it folks, my clean slate.

 I'll admit that I cheated a little. I took these pictures on Wednesday, before I went out to a wine tasting party where I had way too many tastes. I woke up on Thursday not feeling so well which slowly morphed all the way to full on sick, so no sickly pictures for me, maybe one day....I do think this is important for bloggers to do. So much can be twisted and morphed to resemble these perfect, beautiful, care free lives online when in reality we are only choosing to share only the positive parts, we are photoshopping blemishes, we are posing in a flattering angle. Moreover, we are constantly bombarded with a skewed image of what a woman should look like with models photoshopped beyond recognition and used as an unrealistic ideal. I think it is crucial for society that women are portrayed naturally and honestly more often than not.  This is one little step in that direction. Now go check out all the other beautiful bare faces at Oranges and Apples.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Y'all, I am sore. Earlier today, I ventured out on a 6 mile solo hike. It was quite an experience to tromp around the desert hills by myself hoping coyotes wouldn't jump out and that I wouldn't lose my way on the nearly unmarked trail. But I made it! And it was stunning!

I drove to the trail head at Sara Park south of Lake Havasu, read the warnings for rattlesnakes (fantastic) and headed on my way.

There were several different trails to choose from, I followed the "blue" path to the top of the hills while enjoying a spectacular view of the valley and the lake I was headed to.

Not only was this hike exactly what I needed to fill my day but I'm trying to get back in the habit of exercising everyday and this was so much more fun than going for a jog! I was so sedentary in Portland with my office job that I'm really trying to make a commitment to work out ever day. Bonus: my pants might actually fit again. Anyone have any exercise motivation?

Friday, November 4, 2011


I started reading at age three, probably in attempts to keep up with my older siblings, and I haven't stopped since. I am the ultimate book nerd and proud of it. I typically have a book in my purse and my boyfriend has been known to say, "put the book down and talk to me" (he's like a cat that will crawl on your book and nap as soon as you pull it out). This is my roundabout way of taking part in Friend Friday hosted by Modly Chic, this weeks topic: name your top five books. 
1. 100 Years of Solitude by Gabriel Garcia Marquez
I don't need to think about this one, it is by far the most amazing and beautiful book I've ever read. You really need to get past those first 50 pages and then you will be hooked. It is the story of a family in South America throughout several generations. It is magical realism and has the most amazing stories like when the whole town is plagued with insomnia and slowly loses their memory.
2. The "Little House" series by Laura Ingalls Wilder.
Maybe I'm cheating by listing a series, but I love them all. I spent so many days lost in the stories of Laura Ingalls. Her books inspired me to love writing and lose myself in a story.
3. East of Eden by John Steinbeck
I could add almost any Steinbeck to this list but I'll choose this as my favorite. It loosely follows the story of Cain and Abel and is really phenomenal; as always Steinbeck does not disappoint with plot and character development.
4. The Autobiography of a Yogi by Paramahansa Yogananda
I read this book the first time I backpacked Europe and it was beautiful. This book instilled a love for India and Yoga and brings me back to a peaceful mind time and time again with stories from this Yogi. It is exactly what the title suggests, the autobiography of a Yogi in India.
5. Way of the Peaceful Warrior by Dan Millman
I really recommend this book. I first read it in Junior High and it opened up my mind. I'm still not sure how much is real but it is the story of a young man who finds his "guru" in a gas station and his road to spirituality and enlightenment. 
So there you go, my list. Typically I reach for novels but two of my favorite books are stories of real people working towards enlightenment, so I'm not sure what that means. What are your favorite reads?

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The Cliffs

Last night, we hopped on the motorcycle and rode north of Lake Havasu to a place known only as, "the cliffs". We made it just in time for a sunset hike to the Colorado river. Sunset is a magical time in the desert, I say it every night.

The desert inspires me so much. At sunset, the sky explodes in reds, yellows and purples. I'm in awe of the beauty here, it makes me want to paint, bead and write all day just to express everything I'm feeling. 

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Is it too obvious to say I'm disgusted with the Kardashian empire?
I know this is so overplayed right now, but I am just repulsed by Kim Kardashian and her seemingly staged wedding. Is it really to the point where she (and her family) are so money/fame hungry that she will sacrifice love, marriage and her image all in the name of another Seacrest Production?
10 million dollars.
The cost of one faux wedding. OR the construction of schools in poverty stricken areas. Mosquito nets for every region with malaria. Scholarships for young people who don't have the resources for college. The list could go on for days. Imagine what could be done with that money.
Kim (allegedly) earned millions of dollars from her wedding and divorced 72 days later, but really gays ruin the sanctity of marriage. WTF is wrong with this picture?
I, for one, plan a one person boycott of all things Kardashian. No shows or magazines that promote their skewed lifestyle. Instead, maybe I'll spend that time/money working towards marriage equality for all people.
End rant.