Wednesday, June 22, 2011

I'm back home in Portland after five days with my dad, thankfully he is fine after his procedure and back to his active lifestyle! Now that I'm back, I plan to spend the remainder of my summer bicycling. My brother gave me this 1970's Bianchi several years ago but after leaving it abandoned during my stint in NYC it was out of commission. Well, that has all changed thanks to massive repairs by my boyfriend and I am back to speeding down the streets in style on this beauty.

I am seriously in love with my powder blue Bianchi. It is, by far, the fastest bike I've ridden. I can't wait to start biking to work tomorrow if this Portland weather cooperates!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

In a bittersweet turn of events, I am spending father's day with my dad. In the hospital. He had some heart issues, I drove the five hours down to Medford and have spent the last several days at the hospital keeping him entertained and comfortable. Luckily, he should be fine, but it is a life changing moment to be confronted with your parent's mortality. To my dad, with the beautiful blue eyes, I love you and appreciate your unwavering support throughout my life.

Friday, June 17, 2011

FBFF: Food

I am kind of obsessed with food. I'm not queen of the kitchen or the next budding foodie; however, reading the latest chef memoir with Food Network in the background is an ideal afternoon spent. I used to waitress and loved to hang out in the kitchen watching the chefs in action. It's tricky though. See, I'm a vegetarian, a life long one. Meaning, I've never eaten meat, chicken, seafood, you name it. Sometimes I wish I could just eat it, but vegetarianism is so a part of my identity that I just can't do it.
Luckily, I'm not a picky vegetarian and love watching people prepare meat and even have a great love for Anthony Bourdain, the notorious anti-veggie.
Lately, with the warming days, I've been eating a little lighter than in the winter months. The two things I've made this past week that satisfied me most were vegetarian spring rolls and fudgesicles. I plan on making them both quite regularly throughout the summer. The fudgsicle recipe is super easy, I don't have a popsicle mold so I just used 4oz dixie cups, just peel off the cup when you're ready to eat.
As for the spring rolls, I don't follow a recipe, I just toss in whatever I have handy. I use the rice wraps from Whole Foods.
Prepare your filling. I use whatever I have handy, just make sure they are thinly sliced. My favorite rolls include avocado, red pepper, cucumber, fresh basil, sprouts and mixed greens.
Heat (but not to a boil) about an inch deep of water in a large pan. Place rice wrappers in the hot water for about 10-20 seconds and remove. I only do two at a time so they don't stick together.
Lay a softened wrapper and place your filing in the center, leaving enough room to fold in the edges. Fold it up. This link explains how to wrap.
Find your favorite dipping sauce and enjoy! They are so healthy, delicious and satisfying. I like to have plate of stir-fry alongside and maybe some peanut dipping sauce.
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Thursday, June 16, 2011

I'd Rather Be Fishing

This will be my last coastal recap post. The last day in town was really nice. We spent most of the day at the beach, I got my hair done and then we hiked down to the jetty to spend sunset fishing.

My brother is quite the outdoors man and a really good fisherman. His dream is to travel the world on a sailboat, fishing and swimming. He got us all geared up, we packed in a few beers and set to the task of relaxing with our poles.

I didn't catch anything, which is probably good considering I don't eat fish (or animals for that matter), but it was a really nice evening nonetheless. When we got back to my mom's we decided to enjoy the evening and grill outside. My boyfriend made a fire, my brother grilled some fish and we spent all night by the fire. It was so nice to be home for more than a night, being closer to my family is one of the top reasons I moved back to the west coast and I am certainly making the most of it.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

So Spectacular You Can See The Earth's Curvature

 So this beach is pretty special. Agate beach is a very secluded piece of paradise in Oregon. The day we went down to explore was no exception, the tide was out far enough to open up a whole new beach to us. The sky was humongous, the ocean blue and green and not a soul around. It was a magical day of exploring for me, my boyfriend and my brother.

 It was such a beautiful place, I wish I could take each one of you with me, show you this secluded cove and embrace in its glory (wow, the hippie roots are really coming out in this one).Do you have a spot like this? One that makes you feel at peace, in touch with the earth in which all of life's possibilities are within your grasp?
 We spent hours hiking over rocks, climbing in beach grass and napping in the sun. My brother said over and over that it felt like some psychedelic movie from the 70's with everything in technicolor. If you ever find yourself on the south coast, I will direct you to this place.
And in a not so perfect outcome, that beach grass I was frolicking in? Covered in poison oak! I've been suffering the consequences and scratching up a storm. Live and learn, my friends.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Last Thursday, my boyfriend and I packed up the car and headed down to the last stop south on the Oregon coast. I took off a few heavenly days so I could watch my mom graduate. It was such a beautiful moment. My mom did not have it easy and yet she devoted so much of her time, energy and love to raising three children. After we left home she started going back to college and slowly made her way through school while working more than full time and graduating with honors. If there is ever a person I admire and look up to, it's my mom.

My mom has always been so supportive of my education that it was nice to be able to show some love for her and cheer as loudly as I could when they called her name.
I got back to Portland late last night and am back at work this morning. I had a fantastic trip to the coast, lots of pictures to come this evening! In the meantime, I'll be at my desk trying to ignore my ever growing case of poison oak.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

We come spinning out of nothingness, scattering stars like dust.

This outfit felt so happy and light, the skirt is made for spinning and with my good mood I couldn't stop twisting in turning like a whirling dervish. I've always been intrigued with Sufism. I find their spirituality pretty amazing and was stunned by the beautiful whirling dervishes (video) the last time I went to Turkey. They are Rumi's followers and believe the whirling is an act of love. I've always felt a bit of a connection to the Sufi mysticism, even my mom's name is a Sufi one!
On that random note, I am really looking forward to the next few days. I leave in a couple hours for a 5+ hour road trip to the southern coast to my hometown. My mom is graduating from college and I had to be there to help celebrate such an accomplishment. Considering road trips are one of my greatest joys and my hometown is one of the most beautiful coastal spots, it's looking to be a good weekend.
Skirt, belt, bracelet-H&M
I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend filled with adventure, I'm hoping for nice weather which means pictures to come on Monday!
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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Jump Around

I don't know what got into me with these photos but I wasn't feeling the serious looks. I think it's fun to ham it up occasionally and not take myself so seriously. Or maybe I've just been inspired by Laurel from Trophy Boutique, I love her outfit shots.

Bracelet-Forever 21
I wore this on one of hot days this weekend and was perfect. I literally jumped for joy to be out running around in the sun. I sound like a broken record at this point, but summer is my time to shine! When will I learn and just move south and make it official. I need like a couple weeks of rainy/snowy weather a year and sun for the remainder. How 'bout you all, what's your season of choice?
I'm embarrassed for myself at this point

Monday, June 6, 2011

wet hot american summer

Am I the only one that finds enormous pleasure in putting on NPR and blogging? No, just me? Please tell me I'm not the only news junkie out there! Just one of life's little pleasures, you know? Some "me time" so to speak.
Moving on. Oh my god, people, the weather in Portland this weekend was amazing! I feel like spring (summer?) is finally here and it is long overdue. I don't remember the last winter I've experienced that went into June. I am beyond happy to spend all day in the sun soaking up that vitamin D.
Dress-Forever 21
Shoes-Value Village
I went shopping after work on Friday (bad idea, terrible traffic) and picked up a few things at Forever 21 and H&M and I am loving this dress. It was the perfect buy. Short, but not so short that I have to worry about it all day, light but not see through, and a southwest print that I'm loving. I spent hours walking around Portland in the hot hot heat and this dress was just the perfect thing. I see myself fighting the urge to wear this every single day this summer.

Friday, June 3, 2011

I love to travel. It's what I day dream about and what I save my money for . I even had a travel blog last year to document my cross country road trip. Lately, I've been daydreaming about an extended camping trip this August and a trip to India this Winter. We will see. When I read today's Friend Friday topic, I knew I had to add my voice: Packing.

1.      When it comes to packing for vacation what’s your mantra? 

I don't take the typical luxurious resort vacation. Don't get me wrong, I'd love to but I'm a "get the most bang for your buck" place in my life. My vacations are month long road trips or back packing throughout Europe. As a result, my packing mantra is: Carry on. Carry on. Carry on. Less is more. Not checking baggage cuts down on time and money when flying. Also, I like the freedom of a smaller bag. 
Extreme packing: my life's possessions in the silver truck
2.      What are your must packs? 
Bathing suit. Fancy-ish dress. Even on my cross country camping trip last summer I had a fancy dress. Granted I didn't end up using it, but for a casual person like myself it's good to be prepared for something nice just in case.

3.      What are you happy to leave behind? 

Too much of anything. I am prone to over packing, but I try to check myself and not pack anything I haven't worn in the past couple of months. Chances are I won't be wearing it on the trip either.

4.      Any packing secrets that help you get everything into one

Roll everything. Pack things in your shoes. If you're bringing boots, and their comfortable, wear them on the flight for more space in your suitcase. Bring travel size cosmetics so you can stay withing flight regulations for carry ons.
This, my friends, was a packing nightmare

5.      Beach reading… what are you taking with you to read in the sand? 
 Lately I've been really into chef memoirs, Blood, Bones and Butter was fantastic. Of course, anything Anthony Bourdain is entertaining. Last summer, I had his Medium Raw and would read it out loud around the campfire to my boyfriend, quite a fond memory. One of the funniest books I've read this year was How Did You Get This Number, by Sloan Crosley. Hilarious.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

I wanted to like these boots. I really did. I respect Toms charitable business model of giving a pair of shoes to someone in need for every pair sold. But this? In this words of Gob Bluth, "Come on!"
I hate to take away from such a good misison, but to me these are one of the most hideous things I've seen. It's like wearing a pair of Toms with an Ace bandage attached and wrapped up your leg. Maybe I'm alone on this one, what's your take on the boot?