Monday, July 25, 2011

Grace My Garden

One day, when I get married, I predict I'll wear something simple, borderline casual. I'm no formal, extravagant woman. I feel uncomfortable with many eyes watching me, I love to dress up but never feel like myself. This dress is suited for a walk down the isle. It is white and simple. Flowy and hippie. The perfect combination for a (typically) barefooted wild child.

Digging through my mom's attic, on a search for baby clothes, I spotted the old dress up box and found long lost treasures. And while wedding bells are in a very distant future, in the meantime I am ready for evenings in the orchard and setting sun by the sea.
 Dress-Dress up box
Bracelet-Until There's A Cure
Coming off of an amazing five day weekend, I am inspired to travel and dream. To cancel real life and run off to India. I want to run and dance and see new places. Isn't' it fitting that this dress is representative of my mind?
Now tell me your summer dreams....

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