Monday, February 13, 2012

It was brought to my attention that I've disappeared. Sometimes life has a way of catching up to a person, making time for blogging scarce.
So where did we leave off?
My health.
Well. Turns out, it wasn't allergies but a throat abscess (TMI!!). I feel great now, after completing week 5 of 6 weeks of antibiotics. Once I'm off the meds, the infection may come back, in which case: tonsillectomy. Yikes.
Next up?
I moved to Seattle!
I moved up about two weeks ago after a month at my mom's and have been loving it. I lived here when I was 19 and only left to attend college in state in Oregon. It feels great to be back and I've been having fun getting to know the city again.
More soon. Maybe.

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