Sunday, January 30, 2011

A Day At The Beach

After 7 months of traveling throughout the US, I an finally settled. I moved to Portland this week with my boyfriend. I was born and raised in Oregon so it was like coming home. The day after our exhausting move in which we hauled everything up two flights of stairs by ourselves was beautiful so we took the drive to the coast. 
We drove just south of Seaside and explored Ecola State Park. It was so beautiful! The beach in northern Oregon is so different then the one I grew up with and lovely in it's own way. The day was chilly but clear and bright. 
We got there just before the spectacular sunset and spent an hour meandering on the beach. My outfit was not the most suitable for a day in the sand. I thought we were going home before heading to the coast so I could change, but that didn't work out and I was stuck wearing heals on the beach (word of advice: don't do it). 

Hat-My boyfriend's
Jacket-Nicole Miller
I really can't get over how beautiful the light was! Look at those red hues, I love being so close to the ocean again. As someone born and raised on the coast, I feel out of sorts when I'm landlocked. 

After sunset, we headed back to Portland. It's really nice having a place to call my own, but there is also a bit of a let down. After going going going for so many months, it feels anti-climatic to be settled again. I know it's best right now, but it will take some getting used to; for now I'll just resist the urge to hit the road every weekend. 

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