Thursday, March 3, 2011

An Introduction of Sorts

Since gaining employment, I have had shopping on the brain. I dream night and day of dresses, pants, shoes and how to style them. This is a fairly recent phenomenon in my life. Growing up, I was quite possibly the least stylish person around. Living in a tiny town with no stores combined with meager funds and with an anti-establishment mentality equaled a strong and stubborn young person with less than stellar fashion.
Honestly, I'm glad I let myself be who I wanted to be. I think young women have much more in life to focus on than their outer appearance. However, in very recent years I have started to focus on my clothes more. Having a job and living in New York helped push this along. Moreover, an introduction to the world of fashion blogging has allowed me to play around with clothes and find inspiration outside of the unhealthy mainstream magazines. 
The more I discover what looks good on my body, the more confident I've become, and as someone who has struggled with body image my whole life, this has been such an amazing experience. I am learning that feeling comfortable and confident in one's outfit really spills over into many aspects of one's self-esteem. So, until shopping takes an unhealthy turn for the worst, I will embrace this new found confidence and continue to find clothes that magnify my body and personality.
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