Wednesday, August 10, 2011

A Day In The Life: Bicycle Edition

 So I woke up on Sunday feeing a little rough and knew I had to get out of the apartment if I was going to have any chance of perking up. I made myself a protein smoothie that picked me up a little, packed some water and a book and headed out of town on my bicycle.

I road out of Portland on Mt. St. Helens Highway that's popular with bicyclists. You ride along train tracks, bridges and the Columbia. It's really quite nice.

I road to the Sauvie Island Bridge (about 11 miles out of PDX) and explored the little oasis. I really like the Island, it can't be more than 15 miles long but it is filled with lakes, farms and berry patches. I took a pit stop at the Bybee House (oldest on the island) where I met up with my boyfriend who drove. We had a picnic, found a blackberry patch and then headed off to a little lake. I didn't swim in it as shallow lakes creep me out with their murkiness but it was lovely nonetheless. All and all a nice end to my weekend.

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