Sunday, August 21, 2011


After a trip to the library to stock up on my weekly books and a stop at the bagel shop, I come home and open up my laptop. It's dead. My boyfriend says, "oh yeah, I spilled a cup of water on it". What?! Luckily, after some unscrewing and laying out in the sun and several hours, my laptop is back in full force. It did give me quite a scare though, it would have been really bad timing. 
On a completely random note, I love the dress in these pictures. I love summer when all you need is a cute print and nothing else. Quite honestly, I would go barefoot all the time if socially acceptable...I guess some of my hippie roots are appearing. And on another random note, does anyone else feel completely absurd posting pictures of themselves posing day after day? I do. And yet, I still enjoy it, almost like a grown up version of dress up. Ok, enough rambling. I hope everyone has a fantastic Monday. 

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