Monday, August 1, 2011

My friends, this is your hair on baking soda

 A week or so ago, I decided to experiment with something I'd heard about for years: replacing shampoo and conditioner with baking soda and a vinegar rinse. I understand if you are shaking your head in disbelief and/or disgust, I used to, too. Now...I'm a convert. No more expensive, chemically shampoo for me. All I need now is a $1 box of baking soda and I'm set.
As most of you with curly/wavy hair know, shampoo days are often "bad hair days", my hair was big and poofy instead of big and curly. The day I washed my hair was usually the day I'd braid it or wear it in a bun; however, these pictures were taken a couple hours after washing it with baking soda and I'm loving it!
 Dress-TJ Max
Bracelet-Forever 21
Earrings-Gift from BF
 I plan to vlog about this, but for a quick overview: I now wash my hair with baking soda about every 4-5 days. To make the rinse I use about two tablespoons baking soda and about two cups water, I mix this in a water bottle and rinse my hair with it. If you'd like, dilute about two tablespoons white vinegar in two cups water and splash this over the ends and rinse. Step out of the shower, air dry, go about your day with the best hair ever! Questions? Feel free to ask.

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