Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A Wilderness Love Story

Last weekend, lovaaahhh boy and I wanted to get out of town (what a surprise). Shockingly, it was hot in Portland and so we headed in search of swimming. We packed up some things, hopped on the Ducati and sped out of town. Cruising along the Columbia river, we saw a sign for Washougal River and decided to check it out. A windy road led us to a pretty,deep swimming hole perfect for cooling off.
After our swim, we headed off in search of camping. We drove north a ways into the Pinchot Wilderness area (for all you hippies out there, this is where Rainbow Gathering was this year) and found a spot by a creek to camp out.
Camping with my boyfriend is always an intersting experience. He prides himself on taking as little as possible and on the bike this is necessary. Typically our camping trips involve one sleeping bag, maybe a tent, some sandwhices and a fire. This was no exception, we spent the night shivering, but it always makes for good stories in the end...and exhaustion ;)

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