Monday, October 17, 2011


 About a week ago (ugh, I'm behind) Wojc and I hiked out to a beautiful piece of the coastline called Blacklot. Just recently, some city council members tried to swap this land and build a golf course on it. Thankfully, it was shot down and saved for all of us to continue our hikes and mushroom gathering.
 It had just poured for about five days straight and the trail had massive puddles that threatened to overflow into my rubber boots. It was crazy flooded and Wojc had to take detours in the woods to avoid them. We managed to catch a break in the rain and enjoyed our hike thoroughly.  It's a really magical place out there full of lush swamps, creeks and dark forests.

 After a few miles you come to a more sparse forest and begin to see the blue sky. Take a few more steps and you break out of the woods and into a bright and shiny and spectacular view from the cliffs above the ocean.

God. So beautiful. This place takes my breath away.
On the way back we spent time mushroom picking in the woods. It was prime mushroom hunting time following a heavy rain and we came back with some treasures.
On the way back you can cut out to an old airport that was built during World War II when the coast guard were stationed in my town. I flew out of this airport once in a four person team. Definitely a cool experience.

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