Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Time in my hometown quickly drew to a close. I spent my last days with my good friend Lena, mushroom picking and hiking and finalizing travel preparation. I was able to squeeze in a visit to the dentist and doctor for prescriptions and immunizations....totally free! Thank you, United Indian Health Services!
Gratuitous self-portrait
After packing (for the next several months!), my mom and I left bright and early for the airport. Flying in and out of Port Orford is quite a process. The airport's over an hour away and only allows the tiny turbo prop airplanes. The airport is right next to the ocean which makes for a scenic (and scary) flight. For reference, here is an old picture of me standing in front of Crescent City airport.
Glorified Greyhound Station 
Unfortunately, in the past few years I've developed a fear of flying. Considering my love of travel, this is unacceptable. Flying in a tiny plane doesn't really help matters, you really feel every bump and hear the roar of the engine. I have quite the complex method of making flying more tolerable that includes Xanax, downloaded shows and knitting. Yes, call me crazy.
Las Vegas airport
Finally, 14 hours later, a drive, two layovers and a four hour bus ride I finally made it to Arizona! It's hot and bright and beautiful. I love this place.

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