Saturday, October 8, 2011

Cape Blanco

After resting up for a morning, my boyfriend Wojc and I went out to visit my dad who takes care of the Cape Blanco Lighthouse to have lunch. Little did I know that an hour later I would be precariously perched high atop the lighthouse's outer "catwalk" cleaning the windows. Oh yes, there's always a surprise in store with my dad.
For reference, I cleaned the very top windows (you can see my Dad on the outer catwalk):

At this point in our trip, Wojc got a call back from a studio in Portland that he would really like to work with. And so....48 hours after arriving in my hometown we packed a bag and hit the road. Again. To Portland. To answer your question in advance, yes we are crazy. We drove the 5 hours up, Wojc had the interview, we stayed the night, turned around and drove the 5 hours BACK to Port Orford. Oh dear god, the exhaustion. 
Day 4

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