Thursday, October 6, 2011

Day 2

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After a lunch at my old college spot, Brails, my boyfriend and I hopped in the car/motorcycle and hit the road to my hometown, Port Orford. 

 My boyfriend is a wild man and rode his motorcycle through miles and miles of pouring down rain. Honestly, it's truly shocking that it can rain that hard for so long. He was soaking wet and cold, but we finally made it to out destination with a break in the rain!

 Once reunited with my mom, I started to unpack only to come across an old piggy bank I made as a child. Being newly unemployed, I decided it was perfect timing to break into it. Can you believe there was $45 crammed into that thing? In other news, I realize this this blog is now about as far from a "style blog" as you can get and yet, I like the name, so I'm keeping it to document my adventures this year. Don't judge.
don't mind my super classy outfit in the garage

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