Thursday, November 24, 2011


Thanksgiving was a multicultural affair for my family this year. I flew into NYC two days ago to stay with my sister who is due any minute with my first nephew! In honor of the first baby of the family my mom is in the city for a week and my sister's husband's parents are in from Turkey for several months staying with their other son. We all gathered together to make food and take our traditional walk in the park.

The day was perfect. Almost too warm for a jacket and beautiful fall foliage. We cooked off and on throughout the day and sat down to dinner at 7 (are we the only ones that prefer a late dinner?). The food was AMAZING. We had an amazing combination of Turkish and traditional Thanksgiving food. I'm going to steal some pics from my bro-in-law later and try to post some recipes for the Turkish salads. It was a lovely day filled with miming and gesturing as the parents do not speak a word of English! Luckily we're all open and easy going so the situation is quite entertaining and informative for us all. I learned the Turkish word for aunt is Teyze, which means "half mom". This was so sweet I almost cried, I am beyond thrilled to be an aunt and can't wait to meet my little nephew! I hope everyone had a lovely day full of good company and good food.

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