Thursday, November 10, 2011

Make Up Free

Growing up, my mother never wore make up and so I missed out on the experience of learning to love make up by watching your mother primp. My sister got me started with some cheap make up gifts for a birthday, probably in Junior High. Then I went through an activist hippie stage where I didn't wear any. After that, I went through an unfortunate borderline goth look. In college, and since then, my go-to look is foundation, mascara and sometimes blush. Baring it all here is not so hard for me but that would be another story if I wasn't having a good skin day. I have fairly bad skin so foundation is usually a must. But here you have it folks, my clean slate.

 I'll admit that I cheated a little. I took these pictures on Wednesday, before I went out to a wine tasting party where I had way too many tastes. I woke up on Thursday not feeling so well which slowly morphed all the way to full on sick, so no sickly pictures for me, maybe one day....I do think this is important for bloggers to do. So much can be twisted and morphed to resemble these perfect, beautiful, care free lives online when in reality we are only choosing to share only the positive parts, we are photoshopping blemishes, we are posing in a flattering angle. Moreover, we are constantly bombarded with a skewed image of what a woman should look like with models photoshopped beyond recognition and used as an unrealistic ideal. I think it is crucial for society that women are portrayed naturally and honestly more often than not.  This is one little step in that direction. Now go check out all the other beautiful bare faces at Oranges and Apples.

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