Thursday, December 22, 2011

Earlier today while facebooking with my mom, I mentioned I really wanted to come home for a week or two to rest and build my immune system as I have had a cold for weeks on end, never fully recovering with all my travel. 
A few hours later, I open this email from my mom:

"I invite you to Mom's Health Spa for a 7-day Healing Retreat. Day 1: Juices for health, Day 2: Herbal foot soak, followed by a relaxing foot massage, Day 3: Yoga at Vital Current Yoga {my good friend's yoga studio}, Day 4: Herbal facial (herbal hot towel wrap and face & scalp massage), Day 5: Yoga at Vital Current Yoga, Day 6: Herbal hand soak, manicure and hand massage, Day 7: Yoga at Vital Current Yoga. Retreat is located on the rugged and isolated Oregon Coast. Other activities include: Napping, beach walks, napping, movies, napping, reading, and more napping. Retreat features home-cooked vegetarian or vegan food, herbal teas, and fresh-brewed coffee. All at no cost to you!"

Excuse my bragging, but my mother is seriously the most amazing woman!

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