Monday, June 6, 2011

wet hot american summer

Am I the only one that finds enormous pleasure in putting on NPR and blogging? No, just me? Please tell me I'm not the only news junkie out there! Just one of life's little pleasures, you know? Some "me time" so to speak.
Moving on. Oh my god, people, the weather in Portland this weekend was amazing! I feel like spring (summer?) is finally here and it is long overdue. I don't remember the last winter I've experienced that went into June. I am beyond happy to spend all day in the sun soaking up that vitamin D.
Dress-Forever 21
Shoes-Value Village
I went shopping after work on Friday (bad idea, terrible traffic) and picked up a few things at Forever 21 and H&M and I am loving this dress. It was the perfect buy. Short, but not so short that I have to worry about it all day, light but not see through, and a southwest print that I'm loving. I spent hours walking around Portland in the hot hot heat and this dress was just the perfect thing. I see myself fighting the urge to wear this every single day this summer.

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