Wednesday, June 15, 2011

So Spectacular You Can See The Earth's Curvature

 So this beach is pretty special. Agate beach is a very secluded piece of paradise in Oregon. The day we went down to explore was no exception, the tide was out far enough to open up a whole new beach to us. The sky was humongous, the ocean blue and green and not a soul around. It was a magical day of exploring for me, my boyfriend and my brother.

 It was such a beautiful place, I wish I could take each one of you with me, show you this secluded cove and embrace in its glory (wow, the hippie roots are really coming out in this one).Do you have a spot like this? One that makes you feel at peace, in touch with the earth in which all of life's possibilities are within your grasp?
 We spent hours hiking over rocks, climbing in beach grass and napping in the sun. My brother said over and over that it felt like some psychedelic movie from the 70's with everything in technicolor. If you ever find yourself on the south coast, I will direct you to this place.
And in a not so perfect outcome, that beach grass I was frolicking in? Covered in poison oak! I've been suffering the consequences and scratching up a storm. Live and learn, my friends.

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