Friday, June 17, 2011

FBFF: Food

I am kind of obsessed with food. I'm not queen of the kitchen or the next budding foodie; however, reading the latest chef memoir with Food Network in the background is an ideal afternoon spent. I used to waitress and loved to hang out in the kitchen watching the chefs in action. It's tricky though. See, I'm a vegetarian, a life long one. Meaning, I've never eaten meat, chicken, seafood, you name it. Sometimes I wish I could just eat it, but vegetarianism is so a part of my identity that I just can't do it.
Luckily, I'm not a picky vegetarian and love watching people prepare meat and even have a great love for Anthony Bourdain, the notorious anti-veggie.
Lately, with the warming days, I've been eating a little lighter than in the winter months. The two things I've made this past week that satisfied me most were vegetarian spring rolls and fudgesicles. I plan on making them both quite regularly throughout the summer. The fudgsicle recipe is super easy, I don't have a popsicle mold so I just used 4oz dixie cups, just peel off the cup when you're ready to eat.
As for the spring rolls, I don't follow a recipe, I just toss in whatever I have handy. I use the rice wraps from Whole Foods.
Prepare your filling. I use whatever I have handy, just make sure they are thinly sliced. My favorite rolls include avocado, red pepper, cucumber, fresh basil, sprouts and mixed greens.
Heat (but not to a boil) about an inch deep of water in a large pan. Place rice wrappers in the hot water for about 10-20 seconds and remove. I only do two at a time so they don't stick together.
Lay a softened wrapper and place your filing in the center, leaving enough room to fold in the edges. Fold it up. This link explains how to wrap.
Find your favorite dipping sauce and enjoy! They are so healthy, delicious and satisfying. I like to have plate of stir-fry alongside and maybe some peanut dipping sauce.
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