Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Billy Goat Gruff

 My mum came to visit this weekend and it was glorious. Good weather and even better company. My mom is amazing. By far, the most generous, kind, accepting and intelligent person I know. I really hit the jackpot with mothers. She has accepted all of my wild stages and supported me completely in all I have wanted to do in my life.
 We spent most of the weekend walking and exploring the city. As we started a hike up a mountain where Pittock Mansion rests we came across an open house. This house was the most amazing house I've been in outside of museums. We've decided we need to buy it and give each floor to the family.

The realtor said I looked familiar (oldest line in the book, am I right?) and later says, "oh, I know why you look familiar, you look like Alicia Silverstone." Not sure I agree, but I'll take it. I think that vegan goddess is stunning and therefore quite the compliment.

 We walked up sets of stairs and past painted ladies. Portland really has some stunning streets and beautiful homes.

 And what would a visit be without some true Portlandia stereotypes. As we headed to a Polish cafe we saw this mustachioed man on a casual Sunday stroll with his goat. Typical.

Fun fact: when I was in Junior High I raised a bummer lamb, Belle, until she was several years old. That sheep was like a devoted family dog that followed me around. I guess I was just hipster before it was cool, walking around with my sheep like it ain't no thang.
How was your weekend? Lovely, I hope.

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