Thursday, May 26, 2011

This is my after work, zone out, relax and go eat tacos outfit. I want to wear it ever single day. With the longer days and endless string of company, I've been going out after work several days a week. Typically, I come home from work and completely decompress so this is kind of a nice change after the long dark winter. 
 Cardigan-Buffalo Exchange (Gap)
Top-Forever 21
My next line of company is my brother and my best friend from childhood, definitely looking forward to them and memorial day weekend. Who has big plans?
On a final note, can I just say that I'm kind of relieved to see flared jeans coming back? As much as I like a skinny jean, it is undeniably more comfortable for my hips to be in a pair of higher waisted, loose cut pair of jeans. Who is with me?

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