Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Weekend Rides

Yesterday was quite nice. I had scheduled a random vacation day and really embraced my free time.  I woke up late and went for a run (and got rained on, of course), hung out around the house, than bundled up and hopped on the back of the Ducati and the BF and I were off. 
Both of us are always drawn to industrial neighborhoods (we lived in Red Hood for god sakes!) so we cruised around the wear-houses in Portland and happened upon the Grand Station Portland Bakery hidden amongst semi's and packing crates. This cafe was rad, apparently they sell their bread and pastries throughout the city but use this location as their headquarters. It was wide open and spacious, hidden and delicious baked goods. Win all around.
We hopped back on the bike and headed out of town to the Columbia River (it rained briefly, of course). We sped across the Sauvie Island bridge and toured the little island.
This trip we drove pass the Bybee historical house and knew we had to explore a little. The estate was completely empty and absolutely stunning. The estate was the oldest farm on the island, established by settlers from the Oregon Trail in the 1850's. Pretty interesting stuff if you're an Oregon Trail nut like myself. Most importantly, it was beautiful: rolling hills, orchards and trees. I can't wait to come back and spend an afternoon on the grass picnicking and reading. 

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