Friday, May 6, 2011

Grandpa's Cafe

On Sunday my boyfriend wanted to embrace his home country of Poland so he took my mom and I to the Polish Hall in NE Portland. Grandpa's Cafe is only open two days a week, usually following church service. We skipped church but couldn't skip the flashback to the past. The Cafe is like a glimpse into Poland or at least Detroit. The food was delicious and in typical fashion, my boyfriend walked out with a full bag of candies from his childhood. 
Afterwards we headed to a park to sit in the sun awhile and try to get some color on our bodies. The park was right over the Willamette River and while slightly seedy, completely beautiful. On our way back to the car we just couldn't pass up a chance to relive our youth and try out the teeter totter. I don't think I've played on a playground since I was a teenager and it was so much fun.
my mom is hilarious
Scarf-My mom's
Earrings-Cherokee trading post
Bracelet-gift from bf from Japan
It was too nice to go home at that point so we spent the next several hours exploring the Mississippi neighborhood and can I just say that I'm smitten? Walking around the bustling streets was like stepping into a little bubble of creativity, beauty and food. If I ever settle in a house, I really hope it is around there because I couldn't get enough of it.
As if I didn't love Michelle Obama enough, she collaborated with Beyonce to make this music video to help fight obesity. I can't stop moving to it.

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