Friday, April 8, 2011

Cherry Bomb

Spring is in the air. Kinda. Last night and this morning Portland had freezing temperatures and yet, I just came back from a lunch break filled with reading and basking in the (warm) sunlight. We are having some crazy weather here and with that comes some crazy allergies courtesy of the beautiful blossoming trees.  
The streets are alive with puffy pink blossoms, the air musky and thick with pollen. It's beautiful and I will gladly take some sniffles if it means warming weather and much needed sunlight. With rain around the corner, I took full advantage of the day and draped myself and purples. Purple has quickly become one of my favorite colors to wear, I am continuously drawn to everything in this hue.
Every year in the pacific northwest I get to a breaking point where I begin to obsess about the weather. I am plagued by SAD and come March and April the dark days get me down. With the arrival of spring comes hope, awakening and a feeling of led weights being lifted from my shoulders. I live for bright sunny days and hope more are around the corner!
When I went out this morning to an appointment I swapped flats for these boots and added some tights, but just that little pop of color made my day. Now the weekend is upon us, any big plans?

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