Monday, April 25, 2011

I hope everyone had a lovely Passover, Easter or just all around good (agnostic) weekend like myself!
On Saturday, it was beautiful in Portland. The first day of the year that was truly warm. We've had a few sunny days but this was the first I didn't need a jacket. So exciting.
I spent hours walking the streets of Portland. It was the first time since moving here that I really got to explore the city my favorite way possible: by foot. After seeing off the boy on another bike trip I headed towards the waterfront passing by the beautiful Synagogue and hoards of people squinting as though they had been in a cave all winter.
I strolled through the Pearl District, by far one of my favorite neighborhoods in Portland. I passed Chinatown and the Japanese gardens, finally making it to the waterfront and my first Saturday Market experience. This place was popping! Crowds of people, amazing style and fantastic street musicians and performers.
After an hour at the Market I stopped by H&M to pick up a romper and finally headed back to the apartment. It was so amazing to get some sun on my skin and explore Portland. Sadly, today I woke up to rain and clouds, here's hoping the sun becomes more reliable!

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