Sunday, April 3, 2011

so that the waves can complete themselves in the sky*

 a final (picture heavy) recap of my trip down the coast to my hometown a week or so ago.  
 visit to the dock
 fresh off the boat dungeness crab
born of the sea
I wake up to utter darkness with no sound but the steady pounding rain outside my window.  I'm home.Port Orford is a step back in time, a much needed break from the fast paced rest of the country.  The quiet used to wake me. Startled out of sleep, without the comforting roar of Harlem outside my window I'd wonder what was wrong.Now, the darkness unencumbered by street lights, the sound of rain, the wild turkeys and bucks wandering carelessly in the yard.  These things are comforting, a reminder of my past.Oregon.I'm home. 
fresh crab for dinner 
With my Dad

my dad, the radical with his homemade sign. seriously, he's awesome.
Annie girl
Battle Rock beach
Not a bad place 
fiesta moustache party
*Pablo Neruda, I love you.

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