Wednesday, April 27, 2011

30x30-Apply To Graduate School

I have a list of thirty things I would like to accomplish by the time I'm thirty (only 2+ years, yikes!) and this winter I was able to mark another off my list.
I have always been a bit of a self proclaimed nerd. One that typically prefers a night in with a good book over a party and always knew that more education was in my future after I completed my Bachelor's. I started a graduate degree in International Studies in New York but dropped it quickly as it wasn't the type of program I saw a future in. I knew I wanted to find something right for me and this January I realized the application deadlines were fast approaching. I spent several weeks requesting letters, writing statements and ordering transcripts. Finally, I finished. I ended the arduous process with a quick click of the submit button and began the wait.
Well, the wait is over. Last tuesday I sat in my car on my lunch break for a phone interview and two days later I received the email. I was at work and hesitant to open it; however, I have no impulse control and clicked on it and saw the only word necessary: Congratulations!
I got accepted! I'm beyond excited. Now I just have to decided: New York or Portland.
I didn't have a camera handy to capture my reaction, but I imagine it looked a little something like this:

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