Monday, April 11, 2011

I dig that tribal look

This past weekend my boyfriend and I did a 24 hour "crack head" trip to Seattle to hang out in our old stomping grounds. As a result of this spontaneity, we pulled into Portland around 1am last night. I was up a few hours later for a 9 hour workday and yada yada yada I have been throwing on whatever is around me. This morning I had no time to shower (TMI?) which translates into side braid and hat. Luckily, I ended up liking the look.
Scarf-Gift from my sister
Jacket-Nicole Miller
Hat-Crocheted by yours truly
Crazy eyes-C/O exhaustion
I just got back from an amazing run through my neighborhood. Birds chirping. Trees blooming. Hipsters roaming free. Spring is so close I can smell it. I am so madly in love with the sun and I've missed it so.
In the meantime, have you seen (quite possibly the most hysterical show ever made) Portlandia? It might be old news, but it never loses its appeal to me.
As a born and bred Oregonian, this show brings to life everything I've ever mocked, laughed and griped about this crazy state. I love this state, but some of the characters here? Man do they take themselves seriously. Watch and learn:

This is funny to me because it's real. So so so painfully real. Oregon, I love you.

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