Tuesday, April 26, 2011


When I wasn't strolling the streets on saturday I was enjoying the tiny shared "backyard" in my apartment building. It's basically a smoke spot, but hopefully with rising temperatures the plants will take on some beauty.
It was lovely outside, but being the cold blooded person I am, it just wasn't warm enough for my bare legs. However, this being the first sandal day of the season was a day of celebration for my toes.
As you walk through Portland you will notice purple everywhere. The trees seem to be bursting with beautiful purple blossoms. As someone who loves purple, this has only increased my need to drape myself in the color. I was so comfortable in this outfit and the hat kept the sun out of my eyes nicely. My boyfriend calls this dress my "maternity" top, but I still think he secretly likes it.
Dress-H&M, gift from my sister $0
Jeggings-H&M $14.95
Sandals-Report (Ross) $12.95
Hat-TJ Maxx $7.99
How about you, are you drawn to a specific color this Spring?

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