Thursday, March 31, 2011

Thirty by Thirty

As many of you know, it's not uncommon to find bucket lists on most blogs. Also popular for us 20-something's is the 30 things to accomplish before turning 30 list. I like to have a list as a motivator. I like to cross things off. I'm often scatter brained and forget key things if I don't write them down. And so I've decided to start my very own 30 before 30 (or before my 31st birthday if things don't progress as planned). I know I'm still relatively young but I'll be honest and say that turning 27 last summer was eye opening. It was, by far, the most traumatic birthday yet. There was something so different about saying I was 27 instead of 26, no longer was I a young thing in my early 20's. Now don't roll your eyes, I know 27 is still extremely young, but it's all relative, right? I actually started this list a year ago and posted it on my old travel blog and am happy to see that I've already accomplished a few things. Next up: recaps of those crossed off.   
1.  Take a photography class
2.  Learn to ride a motorcycle
3.  Surf
4.  Go to India
5.  Apply to graduate school
6.  Run a half marathon
7.  Become a better cook
8.  Go vegan for 3 months
9.  Take a cross-country road trip
10. Throw a dinner party
11. Write everyday for a month
12.  Make money through writing
13.  Successfully knit a scarf
14.  Wear sunblock everyday
15.  Get over my fear of snakes
16.  Learn to love flying again
17.  Start graduate school
18.  Work at a job that I truly like
19.  Make peace with my body
20.  Buy a motorcycle
21.  Return to Turkey
22. Volunteer with Farm Santuary (or similar)
23. Bicycle through all 5 bouroughs
24. Bicycle from Port Orford to Gold Beach
25. Do a headstand


Which of these would be the top of your list to do?

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