Tuesday, March 8, 2011

A Case of the Mondays

Yesterday started off pretty terribly with a four hour mind-numbing training at work. I got home from work weary and tired. However, I got a call from my brother (pictured below) saying he was outside my apartment building! What a great surprise and with my mood already elevated we headed to the Laurelhurst movie theater to meet my friend Katie who is leaving for Brooklyn soon.
This theater is AMAZING. $3 tickets. Cheap pizza, sandwhiches and popcorn and most importantly: beer and wine. A pitcher of pabst and pizza purchased we headed to our seats complete with a table for our food! Well played, Laurelhurst. I can't recommend this theater enough. It was one of the best weekday nights I've had in a long time. If you ever go to Portland and want a cheap date this is your place. 
The Laurelhurst
Apparantly, I've been living in a cave as I hadn't even heard about the movie we ended up seeing : 127 hours. Oh my god, this film is amazing! It starts off slightly cheesy but stick through it for a touching, emotional and well acted film. Some people have a gripe with James Franco (spcifically post-Oscars) but I think he's fantastic and definitely easy on the eyes. 
127 Hours
After the movie we went over to Katie's to hang out and could not stop talking about the film. It's one of those movies that stays with you for a long time. Have you seen it? Discuss! It was very fitting I saw this movie with my brother seeing as he is a mountain man known for extended solo-hikes in the backwoods without maps or trails.

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