Saturday, March 26, 2011

on the road again

As I mentioned the other day, last weekend I drove down from Portland to Port Orford (about a 5 hour drive) for my 5 day weekend. Seeing as my brother has been staying with us, we all piled in the Jetta and made it an official road trip. When I travel, I'm prone to rushing through and 'making good time'. My boyfriend, on the other hand, is my polar opposite and that's why I love him. He takes scenic byways, country roads and frequent stops to explore and eat.
 In Eugene, my brother suggested lunch at a Mexican super market and it was DELICIOUS. One of the best burritos I've had and that's saying something. From Eugene we cut over to the coast and headed south on 101.
 A little south of Florence we took a detour to the beach and played around on the dunes and frolicked to our hearts content. It was chilly, but not raining, what a miracle in Oregon!

 Jacket-Nicole Miller
Cardigan-Urban Outfitters
 My outfit above is me being a scrub. Road trips, specifically last minute one's, force me to grab whatever is comfy and not binding and run out the door. Spontaneity is one of my most cherished traits and is not conducive to the most stylish outfits.
 After beach fun, we headed south and stopped only 30 minutes north of our destination in Bandon (by the sea). We explored the marina and picked up some sweets at Cranberry Sweets. My boyfriend has one of the sweetest sweet tooth's around so he was in heaven with this coconut chocolate egg.
Finally, 7 hours after we left, we made it home where I got to see my wonderful mother. Clearly we share genes.

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