Thursday, March 24, 2011

Take Me Home

I have been absent for good reason. Spring break! One bonus of my slightly dull job is that I get a lot of school breaks and this one was heaven. I had Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday off so last Saturday my boyfriend, brother and I packed up and headed south to the southern Oregon coast. I grew up in the tiny town of Port Orford and my mom, dad and good friends still live there.
Whenever I have a long weekend I look for an excuse to head to the coast. I'm an ocean baby, literally born on a cliff overlooking the pacific and feel lost without the ocean breeze and crashing waves. This weekend did not disappoint and I have much to share, as soon as my friend sends me the camera I left at her house. For now I have a few pictures of the outfit I wore on my last full day there. I loved taking pictures in my mom's yard. It's totally secluded and I didn't feel embarrassed setting up the tripod and going for it.

There used to be an old barn on my mom's property but years ago we had to tear it down and are now left with only a cement slab. Honestly, I kinda dig the look of the cement, grass and wood stacks. Ahhh, how I miss the country life.

Cardigan-Old Navy
Dress-Forever 21
Scarf (as a belt)-My mom's
Lack of shoes-C/O a hippie upbringing 
Shades-hand me down from friend

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