Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Roll On Columbia

Dress-Urban Outfitters (thanks, mom!)
Cardigan-Old Navy
Belt-Forever 21
Leggings-Forever 21
With my brother in town, we decided to do some exploring. Thankfully, it was a nice day yesterday and had warmed up so much that I could feel spring in the air. This is the outfit I wore to work, which is pushing it with the shorter length. Within the first week at my current job my boss told me to stop wearing jeans so I've been tip toeing around with a more conservative wardrobe. I managed to snap just one picture when I got home before running out to explore. I like that the colors in my dress match the picture below.
We drove north of Portland about 15 miles to Sauvie Island, a little island community along the Columbia River. It was a strange day with a glowing sky that only magnified the blues and grays in the river. It was a slightly eerie feeling with wind blowing and vibrant clouds.  
We hiked along the river and through the woods and came to a soggy marsh that was full of birds and little critters. It was beautiful and serene and nice to be out of the city on a week day. I love having company, it breaks up the monotony of everyday life :)
In the near future, I'm going to try to find some spots at work where I can take some outfit pictures, I have an hour lunch that would be perfect for a photo shoot. Now I just have to face the potential embarrassment of co-workers watching my photo session go down. 

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