Sunday, March 6, 2011

Let's Just Go Walking In The Rain

Every year, late in the winter, I get to a certain breaking point when I check the 10-day extended outlook only to see rainy day after rainy day predicted. Around March,  I need warm weather so badly that I feel I might scream. This week was that time. To help pass the time to spring days, I decided to wear something spring-y to get me in the spirit. Outside it might be gray and rainy (I'm looking at you, Portland!) but inside my heart it's 70 degrees and balmy.
Tights-Urban Outfitters
Boots-Miz Mooz 

I bought this floral dress last week and knew it would be perfect for work with a cardigan and flats and for the weekend with sandals or heels. It's very girly and modest, but this can be refreshing from time to time. After all, I don't always need my full body on display. Apologies for the horrid yellow lighting. It's pouring outside and my little entrance way will have to do for now.
I wanted to wear this exact outfit  for a coffee date with a visiting friend; however, it's pretty wet outside and I may have to swap out these boots for my black rain boots. Today, I plan on yoga, coffee with my friend and possibly a trip to H&M; I love Sundays. 
Currently listening (video): Stephen Marley Traffic Jam

This song instantly brings me back to Summer 2007 and falling in love with my boy. It was my ring tone, we saw them live at Reggae on the River and it blared constantly in passing cars outside our apartment in Harlem. Ohhhhh, how I miss that time.  Do you have a song that brings you back to a particular time in your life?

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